Parents Found Their Lost Kid – But After 90 Years, Family Witnessed A Shocking Truth

You might have heard about many mysteries. But this is a different kind of mystery, a terrifying mystery.

On August 23, 1913, a 4-year-old kid named Bobby Dunbar was disappeared from Opelousas, Louisiana, but was later found by the police and was taken back and raised by the parents. But, a DNA test after 90 long years in 2004 revealed that this kid doesn’t belong to the family.

So, what really happened? Whose kid was he? What happened to the real Bobby Dunbar?
Let’s find out!

Here’s the whole story.


On this day, August 23, 1913, Percy and Lessie Dunbar took their sons Bobby and Alonzo on a trip to Swayze Lake, Louisiana. But, Bobby was disappeared in the swamps nearby the lake. Nationwide hunts were lead down for the Bobby Dunbar and finally eight months later he was found in the custody of a wandering piano tuner William Cantwell Walters. The Police arrested William, but he defended saying that the boy was, in fact, Charles Bruce Anderson, known as Bruce. Walters Also claimed that he’s having the custody of the kid, with the consent of her mother, Julia Anderson.

Bobby Dunbar: before and after his disappearance.


After finding the kid, police handed the child to Dunbar and was recognized by the parents. Whereas, Julia Anderson also pleaded the case and was given a chance to identify the kid. She had not seen the child in last 13 months.

Who is real mother?


Julia Anderson had not seen the kid in last 13 months. However, she defended that she offered the kid to Walters for the only two days. Eventually, she identified the child as her son, Bruce.

6-year-old Bobby Dunbar.


The Judge found the kid to be Bobby Dunbar and gave custody to Percy and Lessie, parents of Bobby Dunbar. And Walters was convicted of kidnapping the kid and was sentenced to jail for two years.

Bobby Dunbar with his wife and kids in 1948.


The boy raised as Bobby Dunbar grew up and had children of his own as a Dunbar. Eventually in 2004, Robert Dunbar, son of Bobby Dunbar out of curiosity consented to a DNA test with his cousin, son of Alonzo Dunbar. And the results were shocking! The cousins were not related to each other at all.

Have a look at Bobby Dunbar And Bruce Anderson.


Now, the question arises what happened to the real Bobby Dunbar? Did his folks did something terrible to him and covered up the whole matter with Bruce Anderson?

What really happened?

Was the real Bobby Dunbar kidnapped and killed? Or he grew up somewhere else? The question is still unanswered.

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