Palms Full of Cuteness

Cute animals that fit in the palm of your hand are the pinnacle of cuteness. Once you’ve got a baby animal that you can hold like a cookie or a muffin, there’s no way to make it any cuter. That’s it. Even octopuses, bats and puffer fish, not exactly known for their cuteness, become irresistibly adorable when they’re tiny.

Baby Hedgehog


Baby Fox

 Baby Deer

Baby Otter

Baby Hamster

Baby Skunk 

 Baby Tortoise

Baby Koala Bear

Baby Fox

Baby Rabbit

 Baby Opossum

Hedgehog In Palm

Baby Fox

Baby Tasmanian Devil

 Pygmy Possum

 Baby Mouse


 Fennec Fox In Palm

Baby Chipmunk

 Baby Hamster

 Baby Owl

 Kitty In Palm

 Baby Octopus

Pomeranian Puppy

Armadillo Girdled Lizard

 Baby Puff Fish In Palm


Baby Rat


Guinea Pig