Owning These Items Makes You Middle Class – How Many Do You Have?

Do you think of yourself as middle class? How can you tell if one is or isn’t?

Well, it turns out that there’s an official guide as to whether someone belongs to the middle class or not according to an etiquette study in which you can find a list of tell-tale belongings for any middle class household. And the more you own the more middle class you are!

The list was compiled by etiquette expert William Hanson, author of The Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette and it includes 16 items, from oversized fridges to Samsonite luggage and they are the possessions that set the middle class apart.

According to Hanson, these are the tell-tale possessions of middle class people:

Smart TV

Dyson vacuum cleaner


Vinyl records



Antler or Samsonite luggage

Wood burning stove


Mulberry bag

Matching coasters

Boiling water taps

Hot tub

Aga range cooker

Smeg fridge

Brompton bike

The expert has also designed a scale of middle-classers, from little to very middle class, considering the number of items you own.

And the ‘etiquette expert’ has also developed a handy scale – from ‘a little middle class’ to ‘extremely middle class’ – depending on how many of the items you own.

If you don’t own any you’re not middle class, if you own 1-4 items you’re a little middle class, owning 5-12 items makes you very middle class while owning more than 13 makes you extremely middle class.

Hanson said: “The middle classes have always been known for their love of material possessions and for keeping up with their neighbours, with suburban one-upmanship taking place on a daily basis. They are constantly looking for the next thing they can install, fit or mount in their homes to be a cut about those next door.”



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