Owners of “Alien Ranch” Selling For $5 Million, Claim Extra Terrestrials Sexually Abused Them

Do you believe in aliens? John and Joyce Edmonds certainly do!

They say their Arizona ranch has been attacked by the extraterrestrial creatures for 20 years, and that John has been forced to kill 18 of the intruders with a samurai sword that he keeps in his living room.

The Edmonds are now desperately trying to sell their 9.67 acre property, but to the tune to a cool $5 million! The couple says their property is a gateway for alien life, which they refer to as “grays”, and that these “grays” have allegedly been attacking the ranch for decades.

The Edmonds believe that there may be a spaceship buried beneath their five bedroom, four bath home. They also believe that there are two portals to another planet or dimension on their spacious property, one at the back of their land and another in their living room fireplace, which allow the aliens to cross over to Earth.

John says he has been forced to fight off hundreds of the otherworldly beings, but whenever he has managed to kill one, the body disappears immediately. He says they pop up randomly, sometimes in groups.

John also claims that he has received strange injuries and that his wife had been sexually molested by the aliens. Joyce revealed that she was sexually assaulted by the creatures in the master bedroom while she slept. She now refuses to enter the room.

Even the animals on their ranch have not escaped unharmed, having also received mysterious injuries. Despite the extra terrestrial disturbance, the Edmonds have been running a horse rescue on the property and a riding school for disabled children called Hopeful Hooves.

The first sign that something wasn’t quite right on the ranch occurred when the Edmonds moved into their home. The previous owners had dumped all of their furniture the swimming pool rather than taking it with them. Neighbors also agree that strange things have happened on the property.

John regularly updates his Facebook page with anecdotes and photographs of his battle with the aliens. He has managed to take one picture of a “gray” and considers it “actual undoctored” proof that the creatures exist.

Levengood revealed that the sample was unlike anything found on planet Earth and that it did have similarities to other samples found at cattle mutilation sites. Levengood is best known for his research focusing on crop circles.

The Edmonds first tried to sell their home 11 years ago for $1.1 million, but after becoming well known as the “alien ranch” owners, they have upped their price to $5 million. The couple have appeared on The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, and are considered celebrities on paranormal websites and chat rooms.

The real estate listing for the property doesn’t shy away from mentioning the alien encounters. But whoever buys this ranch will be required to sign a waver that states there is no guarantee of having an extra terrestrial experience, or of avoiding one, either.

“This property’s not going to be for the faint of heart,” says Kimberly Gero, the ranch’s estate agent. “It’s going to be for someone who has a true interest in the paranormal and aliens and isn’t afraid to live with them. And it wouldn’t hurt if they had an interest in horses, too.”

Aside from alien portals, the ranch also includes a 3500-square-foot home, a pool, private well, RV hookups, arena, four horse corrals, tack room, and a hay barn.

“Buy at your own risk,” advises Gero. “But I don’t think you’re going to find another property quite like this one.”

For those with $5 million to spend, it certainly would be a unique property to own, just as long as they didn’t mind sharing it with a few hundred otherworldly beings. One thing is for sure, whoever buys this ranch better bring a few samurai swords with them!

So, what are the chances aliens actually exist?

Well, it turns out more likely that you may have thought…