Our Brains Fall In Love In Less Than A Second; Here’s How


When it comes to love, we instantly feel a spark of electricity shoot into our brains and chest. That “spark” can happen in less than a second, making us instantly fall head over heels for someone as if we have known them years before.

With this new interesting study that uses functional magnetic resonance imaging, we are now able to see the immediate effects that love has on our brains. Turns out love is actually really good for you!

The time estimated to “fall in love” usually hits us in about one-fifth of a second. Sure, spending 6 months or however else long with that person makes you fall in love even more, but it’s the very beginning that we truly realize we have fallen in love with someone.

Love is so strong at first because of the twelve areas of the brain that are working together while you become entranced by the love process. When this happens, waves of euphoria-inducing chemicals spread through your brain such as oxytocin, vasopressin, adrenaline, and dopamine.

Essentially, falling in love is almost the equivalent of someone’s addiction to cocaine!

Recent findings from researchers of Syracuse University, West Virginia University and including Geneva University Psychiatric Center had published their retrospectively reviewed pertinent neuroimaging literature within the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Come to find out in their studies that people who had just fallen in love had extremely higher levels of nerve growth factor. This is a very crucial part of the survival of sympathetic and sensory neurons.