‘The Battle of Los Angeles UFO Sighting’

If you ask people about the first major UFO encounter in the US, the answer is in most cases, Roswell.

Most people (even including UFO enthusiasts) forget about the famous battle of Los Angeles UFO encounter back in 1942.

That UFO encounter may score less on the UFO popularity scale. However this event could be much more critical for the future of our planet and human civilization.

The Roswell UFO crash story comes down to the fact that an extraterrestrial vehicle malfunctioned and crashed to earth.

Humanity was not to blame for the cause of the crash.


On the 24th of February of 1942 however (right after the start of WW2), we might have had a true first contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence… and the US army decided to answer that invite with more than 1,400 anti-aircraft shells.

Air raid sirens sounded throughout Los Angeles when an unidentified object invaded the guarded airspace. Numerous search lights were aimed at the object while the anti-aircraft guns were blazing.

Some people may have heard about this sighting, very few know that there is actual footage of this event. It shows the search lights aiming for the object while 12.8-pound anti-aircraft shells are flying through the air. In the focus area of the search light, we can see a saucer-shaped aircraft.

If this was a real first contact with a UFO, we sure made a great impression.