Organizer of Women’s March Caught Sending This Signal To ISIS

Linda Sarsour was one of the organizers of the Women’s March that took place all across the country, and she has ties to terrorist organizations.

Released on Twitter is a picture of Sarsour holding up one finger, as in the salute that means loyalty to ISIS, as per Daily Caller.

Sarsour has posed in pictures with known and alleged members of Hamas as well as the leaders of many Muslim groups in America.

Although she has denied ties to the terrorist organization, the proof is in the pudding. She claims to be an advocate for women’s rights in America and that women should make decisions themselves about their own bodies, yet she is a pro-Sharia Law supporter in America too.

The Trump administration is actually for women’s rights! Unlike in Sharia Law, our president would never tell women that they must be escorted by men, must cover themselves, or must not drive!

As for Sarsour, with this picture, she could be communicating that she is an operative trying to bring Sharia Law into America. This could have been easily accomplished under Hillary Clinton, but it will be much harder with Donald Trump in the White House.

Could she be sending a message to ISIS? Not too much is known, and, of course, liberals are defending her. They call us conspiracy theorists and racists, but that hand gesture is hard to ignore, along with other unusual behaviors.

She has taken pictures with Hamas operatives, she has ties to many different organizations, which, in turn, have ties to both ISIS and Hamas. Salah Sarsour, one of those ties, has passed money to Hamas through a man by the name of Adel Awadallah, a commander in the Hamas military.

Although they have not been imprisoned in America, they have been in Israel, who is our ally despite Obama’s betrayal of the country and its prime minister. The fact that Linda Sarsour has this many ties is concerning to say the least.

Sarsour could be an operative trying to strengthen sympathy for extremist Islam in the U.S., which Obama laid the groundwork for in this country. Many of the liberals accept refugees and illegals in with open arms, giving terrorists the perfect opportunity to strike by hiding within them.

This picture could be telling Hamas and ISIS that America is divided, and that now is the time to strike. If this is true, then something big could be coming to the American people. I can guarantee that if Sharia Law were to be implemented, the women who marched today would be seen as dishonorable and made to die.

There are no women’s rights under Sharia Law, and the liberals of the world need to recognize that. This woman is not an advocate for women — she’s an advocate for misogyny and terrorism.

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