Orca Whale & Its Entire Family Show Phenomenal Appreciation After Rescue

Whales are truly amazing creatures. These gentle giants are some of the world’s most intelligent and emotional animals, despite the fact that researchers and scientists still know very little about them. We really don’t give animals as much intellectual credit as they deserve, even though they often display behavior and characteristics which show (in my opinion) that many of them far outstrip the intelligence of the average human being.

It’s heartbreaking to think how we can steal these beings from their families and confine them to a small pool for our entertainment, but things are changing. Where I live (Ontario, Canada) Orca captivity is now banned.

Below is a video of a stranded Orca who found himself beached on the shores of New Zealand. After saving the whale, the rescuer managed to get some remarkable footage of his reaction as they took him back out to sea. Here is another video of Ingrid (whale’s rescuer) talking about the incident.

I hope you enjoy the footage, and perhaps take a moment to consider what our species is doing to the ocean, and to the environment in general. The way this whale responds to Ingrid is amazing, and even years later “Ben” would still approach her and her boat, while keeping his distance from the others (as explained by Ingrid the video linked above).