Online dating around the world – your guide to countries

Getting to know new cities and countries is an adventure in itself. Just preparing for a long-awaited trip and the anticipation of new experiences it may bring will give you a lot of pleasing emotions. And what is the most indispensable step in preparing for a trip? Of course, a detailed study of the destination, interesting routes and places that are worth visiting.

The vast majority of travelers go to the rather famous Google or Yandex to find out everything. But there is another reliable source of information that few people think about. These are dating sites where you can chat with residents of dozens of countries and thousands of cities and get to know absolutely everything that you craved to know about your destination. As a bonus, you can even inadvertently find a caring guide with firsthand knowledge of the places of interest in his native city.

Which are the most simple websites to make friends with people from different parts of the World? We have compiled a list for you.

Dating sites


A very well-known and popular dating service used by men and women all over the world. The basic version of Tinder permits you to search for potentially suitable people for you nearby, hence in order to search across other countries, you need to go a bit further and get a paid subscription. In this case, you can go into the settings and manually change the search territory – select the location that you need.

Just don’t forget to abide by the local courtesy codes. If you are going to chat with a new friend from another country, let him know about it honestly. In Tinder, people are primarily tuned in to make close contacts with “neighbors,” so hiding your geo-location from the other person would be unfair and wrong.


Another major international dating site, which is perfectly suitable for communicating with foreigners. Moreover, there are at least 90 million OkCupid users.

To find someone from the country you are interested in, you need to specify it as your location. Unlike Tinder, this does not require any financial investment.


A huge number of people use Badoo to communicate and find a partner, which means that this site provides a really large selection. The advantage of the service is that the main functionality remains absolutely free of cost, and you can freely change your location in your profile.

Instructions on how to do this are available directly on the official Badoo support page. In short:

– log in to your personal account on the website or in the app;

– click on the “pencil” icon, which enables the editing mode for your profile information;

– indicate your actual location.

Make sure that the global positioning system (GPS) is turned off while using the mobile app, otherwise you won’t be able to change it manually. The same applies to the geolocation service in the browser — it can send data to the site about your current location, which is why the “pencil” button may simply not appear in the profile.


Not exactly a standard dating site, but nevertheless equally as interesting. PenPalWorld helps you find penpals, creates your own local mailbox for you and has very affordable prices for paid services if the basic three answers per day are not enough for you.

The site has a really large audience – the resource claims to have at least two and a half million people. And you can try out the search service even before registering:

– click on the “Search Members” button located at the top of the site’s main page;

– select the country from where you want to search for a penpal in the drop-down list;

– specify other search parameters and click the “Search” button.

According to the site, registered users have far more options/filters available. We are sure that on this site you will easily find new friends because everyone here has come with a well-understood common goal. The main thing is that your level of English should not hinder your communication.

Random online video chats

It is worth saying a few words here, before proceeding on to the list of resources. Those who are familiar with chat roulettes know that they were originally created specifically for random partner selection, and this added a dose of naughtiness to such a type of entertainment. However, over time, these services started developing and tried to differ from its competitors and get an edge over them. This is how a variety of filters and settings were created, including GEO and language settings. We will tell you which video chats are more convenient to meet people from other countries.


This Chat roulette is best suited for those who prefer to communicate with members of the opposite sex. Just specify your own parameters when connecting, and you can be sure that if you are a man, the system will select only girls for you.

And to make the interaction even more practical, the free version of CooMeet already has a built-in country filter. Choose the country that you want and enjoy a pleasant conversation with the dwellers of this location, who would be only too happy to tell you about their homeland, beautiful places, and the most interesting attractions.


Not only a convenient random video chat but also a fully-featured mobile app. Similarly like CooMeet, here you can set geolocation filters for the required chat partners. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Americans, Italians, French or residents of foggy England — just specify the country, and the system will do the rest.


Chat-roulette “Shagle” has thousands of new interesting chat partners waiting for you. Local “inhabitants” communicate in different languages, including German, Italian, Portuguese, French, and Spanish, but English is, of course, the priority. Filters, search by country – everything is as it should be. A nice bonus – using tags: specify your intent as tag friends or chat so that your chat partners immediately understand that your current goals are not building relationships, but a pleasant conversation and friendship.


We conclude our list with a large-scale random video chat, created back in 2011. Advantage number one: the service provides a full Russian version. Advantage number two: to select your chat partner’s country, just click on the drop-down menu next to the globe icon in the upper right corner. Everything is very quick and simple.

By the way, even if you are not going anywhere right now, but like to communicate with people and learn new and interesting things about the world around you, about other cultures, distant places, you should think about using video chats and dating sites. Communicating with foreigners, exchanging opinions, impressions and hobbies may turn out to be the same as if you had really been to another country. And, don’t forget about practicing your language either!

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