Once You Hear What This Psychiatrist Has To Say About Alcohol, You’ll Never Drink Again

Lots of people drink alcohol on a daily basis. Drinking alcohol has actually become almost as common as drinking a cup of coffee in the morning.

Sure, if you can stick to just one drink a day or less than that you are not getting too many of the damaging effects from it but if you are someone who consumes more than a glass a day what is that doing to your body and your brain? Well for one alcohol can affect many areas of your brain, for instance, your memory and motor coordination. It also is making your dopamine receptors less sensitive, this is something that happens over time with addiction in general.

According to Dr. Samuel Ball when a person becomes dependent on alcohol it can be extremely destructive to their organ systems as well as their body in general. I am sure you already know the risk of liver disease but did you know it could also cause esophageal problems and stomach issues? When it comes to the worst possible scenarios things like alcohol related dementia really don’t sound too fun.

When we consume alcohol about 33 percent is absorbed into the blood through our stomach lining. Once it is in our blood stream it spreads to just about every tissue in the body. Anything over 5 drinks a day for men or 4 a day for women is considered binge drinking.

If you have a drinking problem and have been looking for something to give you the motivation needed to stop I strongly suggest checking out the video below. Dr. Ball goes over in this video why alcohol is truly one of the most dangerous substances on the planet. Really let each and every one of his words truly sink in.

Business Insider  / Collective-Evolution