On The Hunt For The Sea Monster Eating Swimmers In Paradise


Multiple giant craters on the floor of the Barents Sea is believed by scientists to be the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of more than 8,000 people in the Bermuda Triangle. A famous angler is now seeking to unravel the mystery of disappearing swimmers in the Bahamas.

Jeremy Wade, the angler, is on a hunt for a sea monster which, according to Caribbean legend, is as ferocious as a shark and has the grip of an octopus. Called Lusca, the creature allegedly could slurp people from the surface of blue holes surrounding the Bahamas.

The Lusca is a sea monster described as half shark, half dragon, half octopus or an evil spirit depending on who tells you.It lives in the blue holes off an island in the Bahamas and grows to over 75 ft (23 metres) .
On January 18, 2011, the body of what appeared to be a giant octopus washed ashore in the Bahamas. Reports suggested the remains were not complete and only a portion of the head and mouth parts of the creature were there. Locals said the creature would have been 20 or 30 feet when alive.Witnesses claim they have seen   boats suddenly being pulled below the waves above the Blue holes. The wreckage of the vessels raises to the surface with no sign of the crew.


Wade, who shares his adventure with TV viewers in an episode of Animal Planet’s “River Monsters” which aired on May 5 at 10 pm, says that based on his investigation, the creature is possibly a giant octopus. In previous episodes of the show, Wade had searched for other river monsters in Ontario, the Okavango Delta in Botswana, the Mekong River in Cambodia, Alaska and Fiji.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force has a long list of missing persons posted on its website. Among those on the list are 38-year-old Liu Guandong, a Chinese national who was last seen swimming at Jaws Beach on March 10, 2013; American Wesley Bell who was last seen at Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island; and 72-year-old Canadian John William Batchelor whose boat, Joy B, was found off West End between Sandy Cay and Memory Rock.

Wade’s investigation into the blue holes of Bahamas is not the first one. Mysterious universe reports that“Destination Truth,” a popular TV show, sent a team which uncovered unusual activity. At a depth of 150 feet into the blue hole, the crew had a sonar contact with a huge creature in the water. Similar sonar readings were registered when the team dove 175 feet in a different spot.