Ominous Warnings About The Very Rapid Spread of The Coronavirus

Is a widespread coronavirus outbreak inside the United States inevitable?  After weeks of generally optimistic statements, officials are now warning us to prepare for the worst.  Over the past several days we have seen the number of confirmed cases outside of China escalate dramatically, and this has really rattled global financial markets.  After being down more than 1,000 points on Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell another 879 points on Tuesday.  U.S. stocks have lost more then 1.7 trillion dollars in value in just two days.  Much more importantly, a wave of tremendous panic is starting to sweep across America, and it looks like this crisis is just getting started.

Usually officials at the CDC choose their words very carefully so that they do not needlessly alarm the public.  With that in mind, I would like for you to consider three statements that the CDC’s Dr. Nancy Messonnier made about a potential outbreak inside the United States during a press conference on Tuesday…

#1 “It’s not so much of a question of if this will happen in this country anymore but a question of when this will happen.”

#2 “Disruption to everyday life may be severe.”

#3 “We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad.”

Can you ever recall a top CDC official ever making statements this ominous?

I certainly can’t.

In addition, Messonnier warned that it may soon become necessary for schools and businesses to greatly restrict person to person contact

The CDC outlined what schools and businesses will likely need to do if the COVID-19 virus becomes an epidemic outbreak in the U.S. Schools should consider dividing students into smaller groups or close and use “internet-based tele-schooling,” Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, told reporters on a conference call. “For adults, businesses can replace in-person meetings with video or telephone conferences and increase teleworking options,” Messonnier said.

On a temporary basis such measures would not be too disruptive, but what if this virus just keeps spreading month after month?

We are potentially facing a scenario that is truly unprecedented, and it is becoming increasingly clear that officials have lost confidence that they will be able to contain this virus.  In fact, one former U.S. official told USA Today that “the horse is out of the barn”…

Dennis Carroll, former director of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Global Health Security and Development Unit, credited China’s “extraordinary control measures” with delaying the spread of the virus. But he said avoiding a pandemic is “very unlikely.”

“The dramatic uptick of cases in South Korea, Iran and Italy are reflective of a self-sustaining spreading of the virus,” Carroll, who now leads the Global Virome Project science cooperative, told USA TODAY. “And a clear message that the horse is out of the barn.”

At this point there are still only a few dozen confirmed cases in the United States, but authorities are bracing for the worst.  If you can believe it, San Francisco Mayor London Breed just declared a state of emergency because of this virus…Mayor London Breed declared a local emergency in San Francisco Tuesday amid the coronavirus outbreak, despite there being no confirmed cases among the city’s residents.

“Although there are still zero confirmed cases in San Francisco residents, the global picture is changing rapidly, and we need to step-up preparedness,” Breed said in a statement. “We see the virus spreading in new parts of the world every day, and we are taking the necessary steps to protect San Franciscans from harm.”

And after being quite apathetic about this outbreak at first, people all over America are suddenly realizing that they should be preparing for a potential pandemic.

In fact, Silicon Valley investor Geoff Lewis created quite a stir when he asked for advice on stockpiling food.  The following is the question that he posted on Twitter that caused so much of an uproar

If one were hypothetically stockpiling four months of shelf stable food, what would folks recommend (optimizing for keto friendly)?

We haven’t seen anything like this in the United States in a very long time.

But we haven’t even had a single death from this virus in our country yet.  How crazed will people get when victims start dropping dead in the streets like they have been in Wuhan?

There is now talk that the IOC could potentially cancel or postpone the Olympic Games in Tokyo.  At one time such talk would have seemed crazy, but this is how serious this outbreak has become.

In Iran, the number of confirmed cases has now jumped to 95, although many people believe that the true number is far, far higher.

During a press conference on Monday, Iran’s deputy health minister attempted to downplay the seriousness of this outbreak, but on Tuesday we learned that he has been infected too

Iran’s deputy health minister said he has tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is in self-quarantine at his home just a day after he appeared at a news conference in Tehran where he sought to quell fears about the outbreak. Iraj Harirchi, the head of Iran’s counter-coronavirus task force, announced the illness in a video online while vowing that authorities would continue working to control the spread.

Apparently not wanting to be outdone, one of the officials in South Korea that was overseeing the response to this outbreak decided to jump off a bridgeBut in Seoul took on a more morbid tone Tuesday following reports in the local press that a civil servant from the Ministry of Justice’s Emergency Safety Planning Office jumped off a bridge in Seoul at around 5 am local time Tuesday.

The official was one of several individuals charged with overseeing the government’s response to the virus. As cases soar and hysteria mounts, we suspect this news won’t exactly help quiet the public’s nerves.

Suicide is never the answer to anything, and we should all be praying for that man’s family.

In Italy, the number of confirmed cases has grown by more than 15 times since Friday…Over in Italy, the number of confirmed cases has surpassed 300 to 322, while the number of dead climbed to 10, according to Italian emergency chief Angelo Borrelli, who said the newly deceased were over the age of 80. That’s up from just 20 confirmed cases on Friday.

Newly deceased were over 80 years old, says at press conference in Rome Tuesday. The new infections include three cases in southern Sicily region, Italian Civil Protection official Borrelli said.

All of a sudden, people all over Europe are wanting to avoid Italians because of the potential of catching the virus.  In most cases that fear is irrational, but we do know that an Italian just spread the virus to a hotel in Spain’s Canary Islands

Hundreds of staff and tourists staying at a hotel in Spain’s Canary Islands were put under lockdown on Tuesday, El Pais newspaper reported. One person who had stayed at the establishment was later found to have tested positive for the coronavirus.

I lived in Italy for a few years as a child, and I have a great love for the country.

It is so sad to watch what is happening over there, but the same things are going to start happening here.  In fact, Dr. Messonnier has told the public that now is the time “to begin preparing” for a massive outbreak

People are concerned about this situation – I would say rightfully so,” Messonnier said. “But we are putting our concerns to work preparing. Now is the time for businesses, hospitals, communities, schools and everyday people to begin preparing as well.”

If you do prepare and all of this turns out to be a false alarm, at least you will be ready for the next crisis that is coming.

But if you don’t do anything to prepare and things get really, really bad, it could end up costing you dearly.

If this virus starts spreading across the United States like wildfire, you and your family will want to minimize contact with the public as much as possible.  So stock up on the things you will need now, because when things start getting really crazy the stores will be cleaned out very quickly.

Coronavirus spreads to Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Iraq, Spain, Algeria, Austria and Brazil while cases explode in Italy by 45% in one day

 Over the last 36 hours or so, the coronavirus spread has now been confirmed in a slew of new countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Iraq, Spain, Algeria and Austria. Cases are already confirmed in Belgium, Lebanon, Finland, Sweden, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Israel, Cambodia, Nepal, Afghanistan, Russia and many other countries.An infection is now suspected in Brazil, which would make it the first South American nation to confirm a coronavirus infection, bringing the virus to a whole new continent. According to Brazil’s Health Ministry, one test of a local patient has reportedly come back positive. A second confirmation test is necessary to make the diagnosis “official.”

These are irrefutable facts, yet we still have naysayers throughout the media and across the cultural landscape who claim none of this is happening, that the coronavirus bioweapon system is “just another flu,” or that it’s a grand hoax being perpetrated by all these countries as some elaborate staged event to commit economic suicide for some unknown reason.

Pandemic denialism is essentially the “Flat Earth” version of epidemiology. According to the denialists, all the nations listed above are faking it, sacrificing their national economics to carry out some sort of elaborate hoax for some unimaginable reason.

Rush Limbaugh, meanwhile, still insists the coronavirus is just “the flu.” It’s a reminder why highly influential people should stick to their areas of expertise and not wander into areas where they very quickly demonstrate their shocking technical ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Coronavirus cases explode in Italy by 45% overnight

Coronavirus infections exploded overnight in Italy, rising to 322 confirmed cases, an increase of 100 from the previous day.

To try to stop the spread of the virus, Italy is running armed road blocks surrounding 12 towns, prohibiting road travel.

According to The Epoch Times, no one in Italy even knows the source of the outbreak, completely obliterating any argument from WHO officials that this is “contained” or “not a pandemic.” Via TET:

Italian health officials haven’t yet identified the source of the outbreak. Angelo Borrelli, the head of the Italian civil protection department, said the case count grew from 222 to 322, representing a 45% increase, in a 24-hour period from Monday evening to Tuesday evening.

According to the pandemic denialists, of course, Italy must be faking it for some reason. Yes, it’s an insane idea, but that’s what is now being promoted by the left-wing media and even some conservative journalists.

Notably, the very bureaucrat in Iran who told everybody the virus was no big deal is now infected himself. Also via TET:

Only a day earlier, a coughing and heavily sweating Iraj Harirchi said at a televised news conference in Tehran that “the situation is almost stable in the country.”

Health Ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour confirmed Harirchi had the virus. Harirchi himself posted an online video saying he had it and that he had quarantined himself at home. He promised that authorities would bring the virus under control.

That’s reassuring, huh? The very government bureaucrat sitting in quarantine after accidentally getting infected is telling us all the government has it under control. The irony is almost pure comedy, if it weren’t so tragic.

San Franciso declares state of emergency while media tells us there’s no emergency at all

San Francisco, meanwhile, has just declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus, even when CDC officials claim there are essentially zero confirmed cases in San Francisco.

According to the SF Chronicle, Mayor London Breed said more resources need to be allocated, “to make sure we are prepared,” even while the entire media establishment in America claims there’s nothing to be prepared for in the first place.

So why did San Fran just declare an emergency, then?

The CDC’s insane policy of “Don’t Test, Don’t Tell” is keeping America in the dark while the epidemic explodes across U.S. cities.

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