Obama Was First Nobel Peace Prize Winner To Bomb 7 Countries


Barack Obama, the man who campaigned on the promise for change unfortunately only gave us eight more years of treacherous war, similar to his predecessor. During his time as our president, one thing he did accomplish was receiving the Nobel Peace Prize while managing to bomb seven different countries at the same time.

While managing to bomb various countries into complete devastation, he also accomplished selling a record $115 billion dollars in armaments to the Saudi’s who have also completely decimated entire nations.

If you take a look at the breakdown of the nations in which bombs were rained down by the Obama administration, you will begin to see the true irony behind his “Nobel Peace Prize.”

Afghanistan- While the American government maintains that the war is officially over, there is still a continued presence of U.S military officials in the nation. Their presence isn’t all that remains, as one strike earlier this month left twelve people for dead.

Iraq- Over 5,000 airstrikes have taken place over Iraq and Syria within the last year. Despite these supposed “efforts” terrorism has continued to play a massive role in the cities of Iraq.

Libya- The U.S may not have been the only ones raining down explosives unto Libya, however, their work was a major component at destroying the nation through military efforts as well as the mission to overthrow General Moammar Gahafi in 2011. Now, years later, ISIS has obtained a major stronghold over the nation, and the country is completely in ruin.

Pakistan- Frequent airstrikes are aimed at the nation, while only 4% of those who are victimized by such hits can be identified as terrorists. While these strikes were first started by George W. Bush. they have increased dramatically under Obama’s rule.

Somalia- Since 2007, 100 U.S troops have been stationed in Somalia. In September, the U.S once again carried out airstrikes which killed Ahmed Abdi Godane, who was a leader of Al-Shabaab, which the U.S claimed was an al-Qaeda ally.

Syria- The U.S renewed their bombing campaign on this nation earlier in December. The strikes were a failed attempt to defend “Division 30”. Which was the failed attempt to train rebels in Syria.

Yemen- According to RT,

“US bombing raids in Yemen are almost solely carried out by drones and they have been increasing in intensity in recent years. … A report by Human Rights Watch in 2013 analyzed six airstrikes in Yemen carried out since 2009. The organization found that out of the 82 people who died in the airstrikes, 57 were civilians.

In all, the U.S. has bombed 14 predominantly Muslim countries since 1980. The death toll from all modern wars in the Middle East may be as high as 4 million dead Muslims and Arabs. Repeated military campaigns have destabilized the Middle East, giving rise to terror groups like ISIS, allowing for sectarianism to blossom, and necessitating further bombing, in what has been described as a “perpetual protection racket.”

A man who campaigned on “hope” and “change” gave us anything but that. Well, we could always “hope” for a better president that doesn’t murder millions of people during the term of his presidency, but we all know that isn’t what he sold us. Instead, he sold us the lie of peace, but instead gave us years and years of the same old war drum. If you still believe that “change” occurred maybe it is time you re-assessed the facts.