O.J. Simpson Revisited: Evidence of a Conspiracy Was Covered-Up

Between 1994 and 1995, this was the single biggest news event in the United States, and the story cascaded to worldwide audiences.

Most Americans have not seen a British documentary which first aired on the BBC in 2000 entitled, ‘OJ: The Untold Story’.

Looking back at this story, the omissions of evidence pointing to a conspiracy in the case are simply incredible – revealing the complete sham which is the American ‘justice system’.

Watch this detailed and shocking documentary (below)…

What we “know” is true often – is not true.

Some people are convinced that OJ Simpson was guilty of the murder of Nicole Simpson. Others are convinced he was framed. What do you think?

Is it possible that OJ Simpson did not kill Nicole Simpson, but that he knows who did, and is covering for him? Does it matter? It matters when, in a high profile case like, this basic facts have been distorted beyond recognition.

What other “facts” we think we know – are completely wrong? 

And then there’s the connection with an FBI ‘confidential informant’ and serial killer, Glen Rogers. This story was also covered by FOX News circa 2010 with TV detective Mark Fuhrman writing off the Rogers story as a ‘conspiracy theory.’ However, the following documentary film raises some compelling points, and might forever change the way many people view the enigmatic ‘OJ Trial’…


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