Numerology: Discover What Your Full Name Reveals About You

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Numerology is the a branch of study and knowledge of numbers and their influence. Spiritualists have come to understand that the vowels in your name have a profound on you as an individual.

If you take all the vowels in your name and add them them together , that number is your ‘destiny number. ‘A’ is 1, ‘E’ is 2 and so forth. You can choose to include ‘Y’ if you like. If your entire name added up to 99, you would reduce it to a single number. So, 99 = 9+9=18 and because that is not a single number, you would reduce it again. 1+8=9. Your number would be 9.

Number 1

Representing leadership and strength, these formations can grow out of control into a dangerous egocentric formation. Your skills and confidence must be paired with humility and perspective. A number for potential and distinctive creativity,

Number 2

2 isn’t the loneliest number in this case. You have great skill in interpersonal relationships. You can naturally mediate and facilitate compromise between people. Praise and recognition are not big motivating factors for you. You are a little too empathetic at times, making you easily hurt or offended. Other times though you are highly apathetic and indifferent,

Number 3

While you sometimes come off as being superficial and unfocused or scattered, you are normally an outgoing adventure seeker. You have a silver tongue that helps get you in and out of trouble. Your optimism and easily relatable manner puts you in a unique position to inspire others.

Number 4

You have a vast and clearly present array of powerful energies in you. You have to stay organized and aware, or you energies will literally eat you alive. While the organization is key to your success, resist the temptation to become rigid in your patterns.

Number 5

5 means complete constructive freedoms. You are versatile and capable, learning new patterns and forming new habits easily.Your restless and impatient manner can backfire on you though. It is hard for you to stay consistent and you tend to make the same tiny, stupid mistakes.

Number 6

You strive to keep your demanding and perfection seeking formations under guard. You have great capacities for love, friendship, and appreciation of others. Sometimes the way you express this can seem very negative or overly critical. It is easy for you to get involved with projects that better your community and you may do it for a living.

Number 7

Thought, analysis, introspection and wisdom occur within you without much prompting. You aren’t put off by technicalities, obstacles or difficult situations. Your resourceful manner can make you self sufficient to the point of seeming to be selfish and egotistical. Your ease with problem solving sometimes leads to to be overbearing and critical of others.

Number 8

A natural business person, fits number 8 like a glove. Strong organizational and administrative skills come without much thought. While realistic and practical, you can be rigid and overly ambitious.

Number 9

You are like a older sibling to those around you. Creativity and imaginative expression are a forte of number 9. You can inspire others to reach or expand on their goals. Your abilities have to be developed though if you wish to make use of your own inspiration. If you don’t develop your formations they will sour and effect you and people around you negatively.