Nose Picking Can Harm Your Body And You Are Clueless About It

Whether you agree or not, nose picking is one of the favorite past time jobs of everyone. If you are ashamed of admitting then why? You are not doing any crime, dude. But yes, you are surely affecting your health and that too every single time while attempting your favorite job. Mind it, it’s not my words, it is concluded by one of the famous Otolaryngologists, Dr. Erich Voigt.

According to some of the scientists, ‘no matter how satisfying nose picking is, you must be harming your body more than you ever expected.’

Well, I can’t believe in just words like you so why not to have a look at the complete article to dig more information and consequences related to nose picking.

Kids are the most adorable creature created by the God. We have noticed them picking their noses without any hesitation in public.

Well, we adults are also no less. Sometimes we also cross all the boundaries to clear out boogers hidden in the nasal walls.

And even biggies too can’t stop their craving of picking nose in public. See how unashamedly Queen is digging her nose in search of some gold. Lol!

But, we have no idea that it’s not just bad for us in fact, it’s DANGEROUS!

Dr. says, ‘Picking nose introduces germs like Staphylococcus aureus. This is the kind of germ which lives in front of the nose and causes abrasions inside. Due to this, blood floods out as food for the germs and increases the irritation and crusting inside.’

Surprisingly, nose picking affects children a lot more than adults. As they are more fond of picking and giving themselves nose bleeds.

‘The blood supply to the nose is very vigorous– there are five arteries that lead to the front of the nose (kiesselbach’s plexus). When an abrasion occurs there can be vigorous bleeding.’

So in this way, we have to find out our new hobby and discontinue with nose picking. Isn’t it a sad news, friends?


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