No One Believes This Girl When She Tells Them What Her Job Is

A Norwegian woman is branching out into politics to end a stigma and make her day job more appealing to young women.

Everyone seems to be shocked when Lisa-Marie Sommerstad reveals to them what she does for a living.

The 25-year-old has been a bricklayer for four years and because she doesn’t fit the social stereotype, people never quite believe her when she tells them of her work.

Lisa told UNILAD: 

I love my job! My passion is to get to build people’s homes, and get to protect our cultural history.

People are surprised when I tell them! Very few women choose my profession.

I carry around and handle material equal of my own body weight. It takes some muscle, but I find my job satisfying.

Despite being the only female at work, Lisa-Marie, who is also a board member for the Norwegian Centre Youth, says she never has to deal with any sexism from her colleagues and actually faces more discrimination outside of work.

Lisa explained:

I get to spend my days with only men, and feel respected. People would be surprised if they heard the conversations around the lunch table. They are good husbands, and loving fathers and the conversations are completely normal.

People expect them to be verbally abusive. I experience a lot more sexual harassment in politics.

Lisa-Marie, who hits the gym six times a week, is hoping to make her mark in politics, but has run into a lot of sexism along the way.

She said:

As a young blonde without higher education, I often have to prove myself as a politician.

Even though I often give men twice my age some serious competition, people often underestimate my capability to make a mark. People often think it’s ok to make frisky comments, and/or sexual suggestions.

And the viral sensation has a simple message for anyone who judges her for how she looks: “Try me.”