New World Order Acolyte Melinda Gates Appears On Today Show Pushing Hard For A Global Vaccine While Wearing An Upside-Down Cross

Roman Catholic Melinda Gates in an interview on TODAY Show pushing hard for a global COVID-19 vaccine was wearing a bright and shiny upside-down cross around her neck.

Symbolism is very important to groups like the Illuminati, the New World Order and others, as they love to flash you signs of how much smarter they are than you and I are. They like to put their true agenda right in our faces, and dare us to figure it out. All this brings us to an interview the TODAY Show did with Melinda Gates back on November 8th, where we see Melinda wearing an upside-down, or inverted, cross around her neck. Who likes to wear inverted crosses? Satanists, pagans, witches, warlocks, New Agers, most people in Hollywood…you get the idea.

“Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:” Galatians 3:13 (KJB)

The early First Century Christians never used the cross as a sign or symbol for anything, why? Because it was the instrument of the torturous death of Jesus of Nazareth. The cross as iconic symbolism would not appear until biblical Christianity was hijacked by the Romans around 325 A.D. From that point on you see crosses on everything as Rome infused paganism with Christianity. The bible tells us that the cross is the sign of a curse, and cursed people hang on them. No one in their right minds who believed the bible would want the sign of a curse hanging around their own necks, much less wearing an upside-down cross like the pagans do.

I will let you make up your own mind as to why Melinda Gates chose to wear an upside-down cross on national television. I know she went to Catholic school, and that she and Bill have raised their children as Catholics. But when you look at the millions of dollars they give to Planned Parenthood an organization that exists to slaughter children in the womb, exactly what kind of Catholic she is gets a little murky, to say the least.

The Roman Catholic Church, what I like to call counterfeit Christianity, loves weird occult and pagan symbolism. Over the years we’ve shown you the Vatican Audience Hall that is shaped exactly like a giant snake and has the freakiest, most nastiest statue right behind here the pope sits. Occult symbolism pervades the Vatican to a very high degree. Melinda Gates is a Catholic, you do the math.

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