New Study Shows MDMA Can Help Create More Meaningful Relationships


This week, a report published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, indicated that MDMA can create deeper more meaningful conversations between loved ones.

Until recently, research into psychedelic drugs have been strictly forbidden, but in recent years some researchers have been brave enough to venture into this realm. This most recent study into MDMA has shown that it can help people connect, something that people who use the drug have been saying all along.

“With MDMA, you get these really increased feelings of sociability and closeness with others. When you’re on MDMA, you tend to focus on positive social-emotional stimuli, and you’re less reactive to negative emotional stimuli, such as fearful or angry faces,” Matthew Kirkpatrick, one of the authors of the study told The Huffington Post.

“I suspect you would see that couples would rate each other as being more emotionally responsive, they would feel closer to one another and they would engage in longer conversations about deeper topics. I think it could be quite useful for couples counseling,” Kirkpatrick added.

The study included 35 different participants, some of whom were given MDMA and some of whom were given a placebo. Scientists observing the participants found that those who were given MDMA had an easier time talking freely with people who were close to them, and were more open in their conversations.

“On a psychological level, our volunteers felt more insightful and confident about their feelings while on MDMA. This seemed like a different, more unusual type of drug effect than simply being talkative and feeling good,” Dr. Matthew Baggott, another one of the study’s authors said.

Another recent study found that MDMA could be effective in treating things like social anxiety and depression.

“There’s a huge political component to MDMA. Something needs to change politically where MDMA can be seen as a safe and viable therapy under the proper settings,” Kirkpatrick said.