New Study Needs Volunteers To Smoke Pot – and They Will Pay You For It

Marijuana users rejoice! Washington State University is seeking volunteers for a study who’ll be asked to smoke pot—and they’ll even pay you!

However, you might be turned off by the study’s purpose, which is develop a breathalyzer test device for weed that can be used by law enforcement.

Participants will be paid $30 an hour, and $10 for every additional hour after that.

All you have to do is show up, obey their orders, and get stoned.

The study’s structure is a bit more complex, beginning when volunteers arrive at Pullman Regional Hospital, where they will be asked a series of questions about recent food/drink consumption.

Next, they’ll give blood, breath, and oral fluid samples, from which point they are told to leave the hospital and purchase marijuana from a state-licensed vendor.

Then, upon entering a private residence of their choice, they are asked to consume the pot until a “personal self-assessed high is reached.” Once this is achieved, they are instructed take a taxi back to the hospital where additional testing will be done.

In order to keep the study as ethical as possible, marijuana will never be carried onto WSU grounds and the study’s authors will not have access to it.

Furthermore, the campus is partnering with local law enforcement who will perform a “standard field sobriety test” on participants.

In order to qualify for the study, volunteers must be 21 years old or older and residents of Pullman, Washington.

The concept of a breathalyzer test has existed for quite some time, with WSU professors Herbert H. Hill and Nicholas Lovrich researching it since 2010.

With the legalization of medical marijuana use in various states, along with multiple states lifting the ban on recreational use, the need for the pot breathalyzer device may increase.