New Research Says Women With Big Butts Are Healthier and Smarter

There’s an energized focus on body awareness and acceptance these days. People are starting to become comfortable with various body types that differ than the modern beauty standards. Over the ages different body parts and types were fetishized, depending on the condition and priorities of the civilization.

As it turns out, larger butts are indications of pretty remarkable aspects.

It turns out that women with larger butts are not only smarter but more resistant to chronic diseases than their thinner counterparts.

Where fats lays in the body, changes how the body reacts to it. Dr. Robert Kushner of the Northwestern Memorial Hospital explains that stomach fat isn’t healthy because it is metabolically active. It circulates fatty content and messages throughout the body.

Fat in the lower thighs and butt is more stable and contains less cytokines, which have been implicated in insulin resistance that leads to diabetes. This also relates that if a woman’s fat is more located in their lower half than their upper it means less cholesterol than if it was vice versa.

More junk in your trunk means an excess in Omega fats, that power neural health and development. Besides being smarter, they typically are less likely to have diabetes and heart problems.

A large butt also favors healthy hormone production. The particular hormones encouraged by this fat store’s placement regulate weight gain and loss, anti-inflammatory enzymes, vascular protective and anti-diabetic attributes.