Netflix Documentary Is Being Compared To ‘Goodfellas’

If a film is going to be compared to Martin Scorcese’s masterpiece Goodfellas, it better be damn good.

And The Seven Five looks it.

The documentary – also known as Precinct Seven Five – tells the story of an extraordinary episode of corruption among New York police in the 1980s. It’s being liken to a real life counterpart to Goodfellas – mobs, money, shoot-outs and mafia – but in blue.

And it’s recently been made available on Netflix.

Watch the trailer below: 

The film’s backdrop is chaos-ridden 1980s New York. Swamped by a wave of crack cocaine and violence, the protagonist is Michael Dowd, a patrolman in the NYPD’s 75th precinct and ‘the dirtiest cop in New York history’.

Tiller Russell’s documentary takes us through how he managed to go from protecting the peace to being one of the most feared gangsters on the streets.

From sending police cars to protect illegal cash runs to pocketing bricks of money found at dealers’ houses, Dowd used tactics he learned at the police academy to make his way to the dark side.

The New York Post said in their review of the film: “That priceless dialogue, the bitter ironies, the magnificently skeevy cast of characters and even the overall structure that make The Seven Five Goodfellas in blue.”

Empire dubbed it as a ‘siren-flash of a film, charged up in the edit like a true-crime Goodfellas‘.

And people are already loving it:

If you love crime documentaries or have had a Goodfellas-shaped whole in your heart since 1990, Precinct Seven Five is now available on Netflix.

Get watching.