New Growing Method That’s Even Worse Than GMOs

Consumers are constantly searching for new ways to eat healthier, and one of the most popular ways they attempt to do so is by replacing white bread with wheat bread.

But according to a recent post from the popular website, the commercialized form of American wheat may be even worse for your health than popular genetically modified (also known as GMO or genetically modified organisms) crops such as non-organic corn, soy, cottonseed, canola and sugar beets.

Much of the United States’ wheat is actually the product of something called “chemical mutagenesis” according to the blog, which is the purposeful induction of mutations using chemicals.

Clearfield wheat, a semi-dwarf strain now grown on one million acres, is the chief type according to the article, and it’s created with the help of an industrial compound known as sodium azide used to induce the mutations. A certain gene is also provoked and selected in order to make it resistant to high levels of herbicides, similar to the process engineered into GMO crops.

The massive chemical company BASF holds the patent for this type of wheat, which a recent report from Earth Open Source notes that the breeding, which is radiation-induced, is potentially even more mutagenic than GMO creation techniques. The report goes on to say that such crops should be at least as regulated as GMO crops, but of course that isn’t the case yet. They continue to go into food products unlabeled and unsuspecting, potentially adding to Americans’ already mounting health problems even further at a time when many people believe they’re doing the right thing by switching to wheat over white bread.

This could be yet another reason why people have actually experienced health problems as a result of eating wheat instead of seeing their health improve. In addition to large amounts of gluten that is extremely hard for many people to digest, these mutations may be causing unknown side effects.

Mutated, worse than GMO wheat just the latest, greatest “hit”

The future of “food” is almost here, and it’s a scary one indeed if this new type of wheat and other lab-created monstrosities are allowed to continue to the market unlabeled.

Among the latest, greatest pending abominations include: “Agent Orange corn,” a GMO salmon, and even meat synthesized from feces.

Suffice it to say, now is the time to start taking our food seriously and to stand up to the chemical giants that are tampered with our food, infiltrating our government bodies and threatening the future of human health for profit. The time is now to act by voting with our wallets and supporting watchdog organizations more than ever before.