New Artwork Reveals Secret of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

Visionary historian Scott Lund and actor Irena Violette presented new proof of the Mona Lisa Code on the Live With Ninon talk show in Las Vegas July 4th, 2017. Displayed for the first time in public, Lund’s circular artwork the “Mona Mandala” details how Leonardo da Vinci used two diametrically opposed landscapes to compose the background of the Mona Lisa. The Mona Mandala clearly shows how the painting’s background connects the center of the Vatican to the main cult site of the Roman goddess Diana at Lake Nemi, 29.5 kilometers distance away. Da Vinci’s sly jest was to have the unsuspecting viewer imitating the two-faced Roman god Janus by looking backwards and forwards at the same time.

“The Mona Mandala is itself a unique piece of artwork that illustrates the secret behind history’s most famous work of art—the Mona Lisa. A major historic discovery has never been presented as art before, and that takes the Mona Mandala to the highest realm of creative concept,” says Lund.

Among things discussed by talk show host Ninon DeVere De Rosa was the possibility that the artwork would be the first of many to create an exhibit attraction in Las Vegas. Lund thinks Vegas is a natural place to showcase a fresh new understanding of Da Vinci’s true genius. “Da Vinci’s wondrous vision of the stars could certainly be presented in keeping with the quality and excitement that Vegas is known for,” he says.

Irena Violette joined the Mona Lisa Code film project several years ago when she participated with actors Alexandra Kovács and Kristin McCoy in the historic Da Vinci’s Stars presentation in Los Angeles. Their performance demonstrated how Da Vinci’s last three paintings were based on the shapes of star constellations—a revelation in academic thinking.

“The mystique of the Mona Lisa Code was the first thing that attracted me,” says Violette. “I got involved because I was really intrigued about the mystery, the novelty, and all the new  information. I thought it was brilliant. I want to be part of this journey. I want to be part of the documentary. I want to help present it to the world.”