New 5G WiFi Is Here and It Will Kill Us All

First, there was 3G, then 4G and now we are heading into the era of 5G, while this is said to be an improvement it is also bringing with it harmful ultra-high microwave frequency radiation. People who have raised their voices about the dangers that the technology will bring and who have talked about safety have been subjected to intimidation and harassment along with attempts to try to silence them.




The FCC voted on July 14 to bring 5G to the US to make spectrum bands above 24 GHz available for the 5G technology, despite the fact that with the proliferation of technology for cell phones there are serious health risks. It looks like the FCC has the attitude of going full speed ahead and not giving a thought to the torpedoes. June 20 saw the chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, praising the rollout of 5G applications along with networks and he called them a game changer, along with national priority and went on to say that it would bring in tens of billions of dollars.


The 5G network is going to use frequency bands that are higher and which had not been thought possible, frequencies of 24 to 100GHz, which have not been tested. Of course, the new and untested frequencies are going to need new antennas and these are aimed to amplify signals and it means huge deployment of cells phone towers all over the US.

The first to begin 5G trials in the US will be Verizon and ATT and these are set to start this year, 2017, with the first deployment commercially to start in 2020. Wheeler said that all regions, including those in rural communities, will be saturated with 5G. This means that no part of the country is going to remain safe from the ultra-high frequency signals.




At a press conference on July 14, Todd Shields a reporter for Bloomberg News had his press credentials taken from him by the FCC security force simply because he was speaking with safety advocates about radiation and he was concerned. He had confronted Wheeler during the conference and told him that his credentials had been taken and while Wheeler said that he could have them back, he did go on to tell Shields that everyone at the conference had to behave responsibly. This meant that he had to follow orders otherwise he was out.

Bear in mind that in the past the government has tested and then said that many things were safe and would not hurt the public. These have included thalidomide, asbestos, lead paint and smoking, all of these have now been said to be otherwise and far from safe.




The National Toxicology Program conducted a government study to the cost of $25 million and it concluded that wireless radiation can cause cancer. 70% of the non-industry studies have revealed that wireless radiation is harmful, but with industry studies, this percentage is only 32%. However this is looked at there is no getting away from the fact that the dangers are being ignored by the government.

Even Verizon and T-Mobile annual financial reports have revealed that the phone companies acknowledge that they are subject to litigation in relation to alleged health effects or radio frequency transmitters and wireless phones. They have warned that it may result in damages that are significant and they have admitted that wireless technology along with health effects that are adverse do actually exist, and this is said to include cancer being a threat.

Nokia is a defendant in a total of 19 different lawsuits that were filed in Washington D.C. Which have alleged that radio emissions coming from cell phones have been the cause of brain tumors.

One really has to ask whether the health of people in the US and the rest of the world should be risked solely to advance in mobile technology that ensures that people can get a good cell phone signal wherever they are.