Never Before Seen Letters Written By Jackie Are Found, Here’s What Secrets They Revealed

Jackie Kennedy was a vital piece of JFK Jr’s success. And in a series of letters to Brown University, we can see just how hard Jackie worked to keep her son from failing. Because she desperately wanted her son John F. Kennedy Jr. to success at his education in Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, she wrote a series of letters to help support him. Because he was in Kenya at the time, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis even filled out her son’s application to help him get into the school. And now the whole bunch of letters is set to hit the auction block.

The letters were recently unearthed and documented to be put up for auction. Besides filling out her son’s application, she kept up a correspondence with school officials to make sure her son was not failing.

Although JFK Jr was the son of the assassinated president, Jackie didn’t want him to get special privilege. In one letter to the school, she wrote, “I have never asked for special consideration for my children because I feel that is harmful to them.”

The documents are going to auction via Gary Zimet from and will sell for about $85,000, the estimate claims.

“The letters show how involved Jackie was with his education and his tenure at Brown,” Zimmet told Page Six.

Jackie Kennedy proved that she was a loving and caring mother for her son. She wanted him to do well while he was at Brown University and wrote to the school to check in on him.

Zimmet added, “The documents came from the estate of an administrator at Brown.”

She was so eager for her son to succeed that when he was in Kenya, she decided to fill out his college application to Brown University herself. And the former first lady mailed it to the school in 1978.

In the application, Jackie Kennedy listed her late husband, the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy’s job simply as “government” so her son didn’t get too much of a special privilege.

Because she wanted him to get the same education as the other students, she tried to talk down her family’s noteworthiness. And she even wrote it short and sweet so the admission officer wouldn’t catch wind of the famous applicant.

“Family life: Mother, sister grew up in New York City. Spends part of the summer by the sea in New England with many cousins,” Jackie Kennedy wrote in her son’s college application.

When he finally went to college, the former first lady kept close tabs on her son. She was in touch with his professors to make sure he was focused on his studies and was getting good grades.

Although JFK Jr, the couple’s youngest child, wanted to be an actor his mother didn’t let him apply to the Yale School of Drama. Instead she compelled him to study law. So he went on to earn his law degree from New York University in 1989.

John Jr married Carolyn Besette in 1996. But three years later, they both died in a plane crash near Martha’s Vineyard.