Nephilim Giant Appears In Japanese Old Documentary

There have been arguments against the existence of giant skeletons for decades. Even photoshopped images of giant skeletons have ended up on Revelation Now! This clearly does not help the process of validating giants once existed. The Bible and the Book of Enoch which is included in some Bibles speak of giant men. They were the offspring of ancient women with celestial beings referred to now has “fallen angels.”

It is neither here no there how this gene splicing occurred but the fact is the Bible addressed it and there must be tangible proof. Gigantism manifest across diverse genetic lines across cultures. The giant in the footage is Raiden Tameemon, born Seki Tarokichi (January 1767 – February 11, 1825) and is considered one of the greatest sumo wrestlers in history, although he was never promoted to Yokozuna; which is the highest rank a sumo wrestler can achieve.

Raiden was born to a farming family in a village in rural Shinano province. He is said to have possessed great physical strength even in childhood. His father Hanemon, who enjoyed sumo as much as sake, allowed 14-year-old Raiden to attend sumo classes at Nagaze (today called Murokocho), the neighbouring village. When Raiden was 17, the Urakaze-beya stablemaster noticed him when he came through the area while on jungyō (regional tour) with his wrestlers. He was especially impressed with the young man’s physique, which was extraordinary at the time. Young Raiden was 1.97 metres (6 ft 5.6 in) tall, which was three headlengths taller than most of his contemporaries. He also had matching long arms and large hands; a handprint at the Shofukuji temple near Okayama, which is said to be of Raiden’s hand, measures 24 cm (9.4 in) from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger. When Raiden trained as a wrestler, he developed a weight of 167 kg (368 lb).

Although, he was only six foot five he was a genetic anomaly in Japan where the average man is five foot seven inches. He towered over his opponents and is clearly a giant among the people in the video. There also appears to be genetic abnormalities present in Raiden’s physiology. This is clearly demonstrated in his elongated trapezius muscles.

When Urakaze Kazuki invited him to Edo and started training him, it turned out that Raiden possessed not only the body of a giant (by 18th-century Japanese standards), but also a talent for sumo wrestling. He was expecially talented in oshi-sumo techniques and was able to move at a high speed considering his size.

Soon Raiden left his stable and unofficially joined Isenoumi-beya, where yokozuna Tanikaze became his couch.

The giant arms also look short and he almost appears to be a “giant midget.” There were most likely many health problems for these humans with hybrid DNA. Looking at this giant suggest he to could have other abnormalities internally.  Many modern giants suffer with heart and ligament issues do to the extreme height and weight. I think we are lucky to see this footage of Raiden and it must have been amazing to walk amongst him in the 18th century.