Need To Survive A Nuclear Bomb? Here Are Some Handy Tips To Remember

For those of us who grew up in the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s, there was only one thing that haunted our waking days and sleepless nights. No, it wasn’t foreign terrorism or home grown horror. At the time, we were at war with the Soviet Union – aka Russia – and said conflict was icy cold. Thanks to a unprecedented build up of arms, and a desire to destroy each other many times over, both the US and the Commies created a scenario where, at any given moment, a nuclear exchange could occur, wiping all life from the planet.

If You See A Mushroom Cloud, You’re Doomed

The Closer You Are, The Deadlier It Is

Thanks to very treaties and agreements, that situation appears less likely today. What is cause for concern is the idea of a dirty bomb, or a low grade device getting in the hands of a rogue nation with the desire to teach a major metropolis a lesson. Instead of worldwide destruction, such a localized strike would be devastating, but survivable. At least, according to Michael Dillon, a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researcher. He conducted a study on such a circumstance and the results are interesting.

Is It Possible To Survive

According to his 2014, a low yield bomb – between between 0.1 and 10 kilotons – offer both horrors and hope. The destruction of Hiroshima during WWII was much more powerful (about 15 kilotons), and so Dillon has devised theories for avoiding fallout and surviving the blast itself. Indeed, the former is the most lethal aspect of such an attack, outside the fireball created by the mushroom cloud.

The Fallout Can Be Deadly

Maybe They Had The Right Ideas In The 1950’s

Dillon makes it clear that an underground or subterranean shelter is the best option, You need to get as much dense material – earth, concrete, metal, etc. – between you and the radiation as possible. Even a flimsy hiding place offers more protection than nothing at all. Now, should someone set off a megabomb, there’s literally no place to hide. In this case, however, the deeper down you can get, the better.

Here’s A Short Film On The Subject