NASA’s 1986 Challenger Team Is Still Alive — They Haven’t Even Bothered Hiding

The more I learn about NASA, the more I understand its true purpose. This agency has been created by The Powers That Be as a smokescreen, designed to distract and entertain the public with “its chemical rockets” that are “fun to watch” (as an alleged anti-gravity insider once stated), whilst the real space missions have been carried out in secret by the US Air Force and Navy.
According to Gary McKinnon, a British hacker who broke into the computers of the US Army, Air Force, Navy and NASA, we already have fully operational warships in space.
At least six of the seven crew members of STS-51 are still alive today, thriving in their newly found careers. Surprisingly (or maybe not), they haven’t even bothered hiding.

Among other things, McKinnon found an Excel spreadsheet named “Non-terrestrail officers,” containing names and ranks for officers serving in space, the names for the ships that they operate on and tabs for “material transfer” between ships.

McKinnon’s findings come to reinforce the allegations of multiple whistleblowers who confessed to have served in space and even on Mars.

Speaking of Mars, I have already exposed the Mars exploration deception.

Based on the evidence that I have gathered, it is my strong belief that NASA’s Mars exploration missions are yet another farce designed to keep us distracted, whilst stealing $2.5 billion of the taxpayer’s money. 

And I haven’t yet mentioned the biggest deception of all: the fake Moon missions

From the impossible-to-pass Van Allen radiation belt, to the hundreds of video and photographic inconsistencies — some of which are detailed in the following video — the allegedly manned Moon missions never happened:

The Van Allen Radiation Belt

According to NASA, the astronauts haven’t had any kind of protection against radiation, except the spacecraft’s aluminum hull.

The following excerpt is from an Aug. 20, 2012 NASA article:

“As we get further away from Earth, we will pass through the Vann Allan Belts, an area of dangerous radiation. Radiation like this can harm the guidance systems, onboard computers, or other electronics on Orion.

“Naturally, we have to pass through this danger zone twice, once up and once back. But Orion has protection, shielding will be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation. Sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientists to study. We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of Space.

If NASA was still trying to figure out how to safely send people through the Van Allen radiation belt in 2012, how did they manage to do it in 1969? They didn’t, because all of NASA’s moon missions were unmanned.

And this also explains why the STS-51-L Challenger team is still alive today: because they were not on board when the space shuttle broke apart and exploded.

NASA’s 1986 Challenger Team is Still Alive

After reading all of the above, the following shameless lie from NASA should come as no surprise either: the STS-51-L Challenger team that allegedly died in 1986 is still alive and thriving. 

Six of the seven members have been tracked down and you will be surprised to know just how little they’ve done to hide their identities.

Two of them pretend to be their identical twins (how convenient!), while two others haven’t even bothered changing their names or creating fake alibis. Finally, two more have only slightly changed (or rearranged) their names. 

They didn’t even bother creating fake identities or complex cover-ups, as they know the public is so gullible and always distracted.

Based on the fake Moon landing missions, fake Mars exploration missions and this newly exposed lie, we can safely say that at least some of NASA’s employees are contracted to play roles, like veritable Hollywood actors.