NASA Prepares To Take First Pictures of Planet X NIBIRU


Even before Pluto was demoted as a planet, there was often the joke that there was a tenth planet known as Planet X, but in reality, people laughed it off and would obviously not take such a comment seriously. Since Pluto was no longer deemed a planet, a planet known as Planet X has come to existence and is now in fact perceived as the ninth planet to replace what Pluto formally was.

The planet has often been referred to as Planet Nine and Nibiru. The planet has been a relative mystery, for the most part. However, one scientist believes that a sighting of the planet is expected to be seen within the next two years.


Astronomer, Mike Brown also stated that he expects that someone in the organization of NASA will, in fact, capture this hiding planet and learn much more about its existence and content. Brown has also indicated that 8-10 groups are already on the task of looking for the planet, which hints at a strong possibility that the sighting of Nibiru will be much sooner rather than later.

Reports indicate that Planet Nibiru is currently at or near aphelion, which is approximately 1,000 AU and measures in the sky of about 400 square degrees. In a simpler term, the moon covers about.5 of the sky, so this means that Nibiru is believed to be about four times bigger than the Earth, which also creates the likelihood to find this planet to be even stronger, given its unique and sheer mass for a planet. Scientists agree with this sentiment and say with their state-of-the-art telescopes the planet should be spotted in no time; it is just a matter of who spots the planet first.

This is also a big deal because a contest of who has better equipment to deal with space-related context is present again much like the United States and Russia decades back. China has apparently obtained an extremely powerful telescope that no one has even fathomed to exist, which leaves NASA reeling and trying to catch up to create something just as powerful if not stronger. NASA finding the planet first would also increase the possibility of receiving more funding towards better technology and projects overall.

This race is not as well-documented as the Sputnik satellite. However, there is some angst within NASA to try and get better. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in always trying to be number one.