NASA Mars Curiosity Photos Stir Up Conspiracy Theories


NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered many amazing things since it landed on Mars. It’s trying to prove that a human can survive on the Mars through its discoveries. Such as the evidence of ancient lakes, organic compounds and stream-beds confirm that Mars could have once supported life. Recently NASA released some new photos that reveal a human shadow on the Mars. They seem as a good Curiosity discovery but a new conspiracy theory also exists about the NASA Curiosity Photos. Here we share some different Curiosity photos that stir up conspiracy theories. Have a look!

Does This Photo Reveal A Human Shadow?


A photo taken by a NASA navigation camera on Sep.26,2012, has been released and seemed a shadow of a human-like figure working on the Mars Curiosity Rover. It seems pretty ordinary. According to conspiracy theorist Scott Waring, when you start really looking at it, you’ll observe what appears to be a man messing with the rover. Waring said in his blog spot, “The person has no helmet and their short hair is visible and in high detail.” However, others have claimed that if that’s the case, that means Curiosity Rover is not on Mars but it is right here on Earth.

A Robotic Arm Selfie Taken By The Curiosity Rover:


NASA also released Curiosity’s first selfie from the surface of the Mars that captured a 7-foot robotic arm which is not actually visible. The conspiracy theorists claimed that “It’s impossible to shoot a photo and not have your arm visible.” Look at the Curiosity’s selfie, it’s very easy to see how some pieces of the rover’s body could be misguided for a human.

Is Mars Infested With Pareidolia Rats?


Can you see a rat in this photo? The image taken by the Curiosity Rover that shows a rat on the blue rock of the Mars. While the conspiracy theorists said, it is a rock and it looks like an animal. It does not means that there’s a rat on Mars.

Can you see a little box of Mars Coffin?


Can you see the coffin in this photo? The object is located in front of the first rock outcrop in the center of the image.Alien researcher Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily believes that the coffin was made of a stone-like substance.

Mars Jelly Doughnut:


The first image, Sol 3528, was taken by NASA Curiosity 12 days ago and the new image, Sol 3540, features a rock that looks like fungus, described as a “Jelly Doughnut”. The conspiracy theorists claimed that it was not fungus, it was just a rock that was clearly seen in the second photo taken by Opportunity that was not seen in an older photo.

A Skull On Mars:

mars-skull (1)

NASA released the photo that shows the skulls on the Mars. But the conspiracy theorists believe that when it looks a lot closer, the skull looks more like a rock, not a skull.