NASA Developed An Age Reserving Pill For MARS Astronauts

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NASA recently announced that they plan to administer trials of age reversing drug which would be given to astronauts when they take future trips to Mars. The time table for tests to start places the first trial to start in about six months. The drug has been used on mice and is confirmed to have the intended effects, by working on the DNA.


Scientists say that the pill works to repair DNA, reversing aging. The original intent for the pill was to protect astronauts from harmful UV rays while in space, but while working on the pill, researchers discovered the two in one benefits that can be obtained. The discovery comes after researchers found that cell signaling in DNA repair and cell aging can be reversed by the drug. While working with lab mice, the researchers found that not only are the mice protected from UV rays and radiation, but the DNA was repaired.

With a mission to Mars in the stages of planning, scientists at NASA think that this drug could be particularly helpful. The drug once had the attention of NASA, but now that the true value of the pill has been uncovered, it has drawn the attention of everyone. The mission would take four years, so researchers are looking at the possible different doses which the astronauts could take with them.

Typically, astronauts experience progressed aging from cosmic radiation, as well as damage from solar UV radiation. Several astronauts all had developed cancer before it was known that UV radiation was dangerous enough to do so. Now, NASA’s business is to keep their astronauts safe and fund massive projects to do so.

Along with possible cancer and advanced aging, astronauts who have returned from past trips have experienced muscle weakness, memory loss, advanced stage bone mass loss, and other symptoms. Researchers project that a trip to Mars would be much worse for astronauts. Astronauts would lose five percent of their cells as well as an increased risk of cancer.

Increased levels of radiation are possible at high levels of altitude, such as when you are on an airplane, so frequent flyers could find a new solution to lower their risks of developing an unwanted illness. A pill like the one currently being studied could be given to someone undergoing intense x-rays, but only if it ends up working in the human trials. We will have to wait a little while, only six months, to find out.


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