NASA Astronauts Say Aliens Are Watching Earth

Given the odds it seems unlikely that we are alone in the universe, but despite the protestations of believers there is no indisputable evidence held in the public domain.

However there are numerous NASA trained astronauts who not only believe aliens exist, but argue extra-terrestrials are watching Earth.

What’s more, they claim to have witnessed the proof first hand.

As reported by the Daily Star, Deke Slayton was an active member of Project Mercury – the first manned NASA spaceflight program.

Slayton recalled one not-so typical encounter in 1951 when he saw a ‘flying saucer’ over Minnesota:

It looked like a saucer sitting at a 45-degree angle…I didn’t have any cameras otherwise I would have shot some pictures.

At that time – for whatever reason – it just took off climbing and just accelerated and disappeared.

Now, before you write Deke off it is worth noting that he went on to become NASA’s Director of Flight Crew Operations – clearly he was highly regarded in the organisation, and he certainly wasn’t alone in believing.

Gordon Cooper -real name Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr- was also part of Project Mercury, and he claims that while serving in the Air Force he saw numerous UFOs.

In 1985 he told a panel at the United Nations:

I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets, which are a little more technically advanced than we are on Earth.

Convinced yet?

Slayton and Cooper’s views were shared by Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the moon for nine hours as part of the 1971 Apollo 14 mission.

In 1996 Mitchell gave his version of the infamous Roswell incident to NBC:

The reason for the denial is they didn’t know if they [the aliens] were hostile and they didn’t want the Soviets to know so they devised to lie about it and cover it up.

What do you guys think?