Mystery Object Flying Across The Moon Has Experts Baffled

Ufologists and people with YouTube channels once again believe they’ve got definitive proof that aliens have been visiting Earth after footage of a strange object moving across the moon hit the web.

The video which, according to YouTube channel SecureTeam10, was shot by an observatory in Oman, shows what looks like a vaguely blobby looking blob, kind of like a cloud, framed by the moon as it flies through the sky.

SecureTeam10 who claim to be the ‘#1 Youtube channel for breaking reports on the many mysteries of our universe’ have made the bold proclamation that it can’t be a plane because of its size and apparent distance.

In the video they say: 

People are thinking it could be a meteor, or a spacecraft of some sort.

We see what looks like a plume of smoke, or exhaust, or something coming off of the back of this thing and at the end of it, there is some sort of structure.

Whatever this thing is, it is much closer to the moon than a commercial airliner.

Not to admonish SecureTeam10 but let’s be honest – they’re super enthusiastic about alien life and there isn’t a video of a floating carrier bag blowing through the air that they haven’t thought was an otherworldly visitor.

And while I may mock these aspiring astrobiologists, many on YouTube were quick to back them up with one commenter claiming it would be ‘ignorant and selfish’ to think we’re alone in the Universe and that other intergalactic beings don’t visit us.

Fair point but isn’t it also arrogant to presume that simply because we’re here that we’re of any interest to beings who’ve mastered space travel?

It would be like you taking an interest in the way an ant’s really good at crawling through dirt.

Then again I suppose some people do study ants so maybe they’re alien entomologists? But come on what’s more likely – it’s a group of Aliens watching us or a cloud? The answer is a cloud.