Mysterious Time Traveler Gives Dire Warning From The Year 2055

There’s always a person who pops out of nowhere claiming he/she is a time traveler from the future. Time travel is something that is far beyond our wildest dreams and is only possible in theory.

But maybe there’s some legit stories out there of real time travelling people who traveled to our time or much further into the past. There are several old photos that show people wearing strange clothes and holding seemingly futuristic devices, something that obviously doesn’t belong in that era.

The most recent story is about a man who said to have time traveled from the year 2055 to our time. He claims to be an expert on avoiding temporal damage and paradoxes.

He tells of a future where it’s extremely overcrowded and that everything is in heavy surveillance. There is absolutely no privacy.

There is also great leaps in technology like teleportation and communication via holograms