Mysterious Figure Caught On Surveillance Camera Lurking In Idaho High School

A surveillance camera in a high school in Idaho captured a mysterious figure roaming in the halls last month. Local paranormal investigators viewed the footage and believe that the figure is one of the ghosts that haunts the school, ABC News reported yesterday.

Unusual activity was caught on camera at a school in Pocatello, Idaho on December 19. While students were on winter break from Pocatello High School last month, a strange figure stayed behind and lurked in the hallways.

In the school’s surveillance video, hallway lights can be seen turning off and on in various locations throughout the building. While the lights were flickering in the school, a dark and misty figure appears near a drinking fountain and travels to one of the bathrooms and down a hallway, then disappears.

Employees and students of Pocatello High School have been reporting strange activity and ghost sightings for years. Officials called in local paranormal researchers to figure out why the lights were flickering and to see something supernatural was the cause. Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Organization founders John and Lisa Brian went into the school to investigate.

“You can see that it’s not necessarily a person, but more so a translucent figure walking down the hall, Everything from girls having a suicide pact and hanging themselves on their lockers, to a librarian who hung herself on the chandelier, to a boy who drowned in the original swimming pool. We ran into an elderly woman who told us the pact was a real thing, but we haven’t been able to confirm that story quite yet,” John said.

According to the Brians, the security footage can’t be tampered with or edited due to legal reasons and is raw video from the surveillance system. They researched the school and found out that at least 6 documented deaths occurred in the building. The Brians believe that the video is the best footage that they have ever seen and it proves that the school’s ghosts do exist.

“We have watched it multiple times and even slowed it down and really analyzed it. It’s a really great piece of footage, You can just see the lights going on and off, the police were called because of these issues going on in the building. All of that just goes to show that it wasn’t something someone just put on there, but instead it was something that really happened. People have even felt someone walking up right behind them where hairs have stood up on their neck and when they turn around, nobody is there,” Lisa said.

Janitors and other school employees have reported hearing toilets flushing, lockers slamming, and the sound of a piano playing when no one else was around. Numerous teachers and students have witnessed strange shadowy figures in the halls.

During the Brians’ investigation, some of their equipment went missing. A janitor found the equipment while dusting a window ledge near the ceiling in a stairwell. According to the janitor, the window wasn’t accessible without a ladder.

The couple hosts Haunted History Tours in Pocatello with their paranormal group SPIRO every October. They have been taking people on tours of various haunted locations in the area since 2008.