Mysterious Events Leave Dad Dead And 3 Year Old Son Alone On An Island


The mystery revolving around a 3-year-old Florida boy who was left alone on an island after his father disappeared still hasn’t been solved.

Three-year-old August Williams was found crying and alone on Island 75 in the Alafia River in Florida, with no adults in sight. The toddler was rescued after he answered his father’s cell phone and informed his mother that his father “left him.”

    Billy and Tina Morris with son August Morris [Facebook]

William “Billy” Morris III had left on a jet ski with his son early Monday afternoon. When his wife Tina Morris hadn’t heard from him by 5:45, she called via Facetime, a call that was answered by Morris’s son.

“He was crying really bad, I couldn’t really understand what he was saying,” Tina Morris told CNN about the phone call. The boy’s mother then alerted police who found August alone on the island next to his father’s wallet.


Tina stayed on the phone with her son who, fortunately, was discovered by a passerby who stayed with the boy until Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies arrived.

Deputies were baffled when they found the jet ski pulled up on the island’s southern bank with his father’s wallet as well as an adult-sized life jacket. Morris, however, was nowhere in sight. The following day, his body was found in sandy mangroves just a half mile away.

Police are trying to pice together the tragic accident, though they are struggling because August, who turns four in January, was not able to explain what happened.

Morris was a truck driver for Amazon who hauls shipments across Florida. He met his wife Tina when they both previously worked as elephant trainers. At present, authorities don’t suspect fowl play, but they are still searching for answers.

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