Mysterious Creature That Was Born On A Farm Has Finally Been Identified

A big has given birth to a mutant piglet that has a face that resembles a primate or a monkey. The creature was part of a litter of 15 others and was born in Guizhou Province, China, where incidents like this are all too common.

The strange mutant was born on December 3. Unlike its sibling, the creature cannot feed on its own. But the owner does not want to let it perish. Instead of letting it die, he has been forced to bottle feed the mutant, monkey looking piglet.

The animal has been described by many names: “Monkey Face”, “Mutant”, “Grotesque Pig”, “Monster Monkey”.

It has two holes where its nose should be and an overbite. This allows its long tongue to protrude from its mouth in a strange sight.

It has two eyes but they are of differing sizes. They stick from the animal’s head.

The shape of the piglet’s mouth makes feeding impossible for the anima. It cannot suckle on the mother’s nipple like the other piglets and needs to be bottle fed in order to survive.

The owner is a vegetable farmer by trade and wants to freak of nature to survive. He has begun bottle feeding it milk like a baby several times each day.

It is unclear if the pig will survive much longer. And if it does, many people are speculating what it will look like when it is older. The appearance of the monkey-faced piglet has sparked a heated debate across China and now the world.

People have blamed pollution problems in China for the mutation. Another cause could be the abundance of genetically modified food stuffed into the diet of these mother pigs.

Others joke that mama pig “had an affair” with a monkey.

Mutant pigs have appeared more frequently in China and all over the world. Recently, a mutant pig appeared with a penis-like attachment on its forehead.

Do you think these mutant pigs are signs that something bad is happening to the food supply?

There have already been numerous reports that Chinese regulations are so lax they are able to ship out junk as food to neighboring countries and potentially America too. For example, China has sold plastic rice to unsuspecting customers for years.

The most popular comments on MailOnline include:

“Poor darling its obviously a mistake of nature…paraded out to be a monster…Bless it.”

“Every new species started with a mutant at some point. Let nature take its course. If it lives and reproduces, good on it. If not? It wasn’t meant to be.”

“Poor creature. Put it to sleep instead of parading it around.”

“I think the best thing here would be put the poor thing down.. It must be in awful pain.”

“I hope someone takes car of this pig properly it’s very sad”

“Poor little thing, lets hope it can survive and thrive.”

“Very insensitive, poor things probably in pain and confused. Suppose it’s alright to parade a deformed human baby around and write stupid articles about it?”