Mysterious Beam of Light Emerging From The Earth Captured In Live Feed of International Space Station


The space community has been intrigued (read enthralled UFO buffs) by the appearance of a moon-like spot in the live feed from ISS. The International Space Station relays a live feed from its orbit and an ardent observer spotted an object leaving behind a flare of greenish golden light.


The light beam lasts only a few second. It appears to be emerging from the Earth surface, with huge swirling clouds below it. The streak of light is preceded by a spot or object, an alleged UFO.


A YouTuber, secureTeam10, was first to spot this in the live video. The commentary in the background of the footage follows a free train of thought as the commentators try to figure out the reason behind this strange phenomenon.

“I have never seen anything quite like this. Although, this is really just a trick of perspective; the object may not be moving, it’s simply that the ISS is moving around the Earth. It’s likely standing still. We see this UFO in the background that begins moving upwards. This could be the Moon. It’s round and it looks similar to other shots on the ISS feed that show the Moon. But what made me actually wonder whether it’s the Moon – and if it is that’s even more interesting – was as the object begins to go up out of shot, we see this flash of light, this beam of light here, shooting up from the Earth in the shape of a triangle that shoots up directly in the line of sight of this UFO.”

Check out the footage depicting the shooting golden-green beam of light:

Not everyone was supportive of the UFO sighting claims. Quite a few commentators on the video came up with their explanations for the strange footage. The most popular theory attributes the giant beam of light to the lens-flare, appearance of bright spots in an image due to optical interference.
NASA has also voiced its support for the lens flare theory. So what do you think?