Mutant Kitten Born With TWO HEADS And Three Eyes In China

The saying goes that cats have nine lives, but this double-headed kitten might be blessed with 18.

The mutant feline – which has two heads and three eyes – was born last Thursday in Shenyang city, north-east China, reported People’s Daily Online.

The cat’s owner, Xiao Wei, has been taking care of the newborn although it’s not known how long it will live given its unusual physical attributes.

Xiao Wei told Pear Video that it was the second labour his Black Tipped British Shorthair cat ‘Beauty’ had produced and he was shocked when he saw a twin-faced cat.

Two-faced cats are often called as Janus cats, named after a Roman god with two faces.

The Janus kitten was named ‘Akamaru’, as inspired from Naruto, a popular Japanese manga series.

The female Akamaru is one of the five babies but it is the only kitten with two heads, three eyes, two noses and two mouths.

Xiao Wei said both mouths are able to move but only one of them makes sound and drinks milk.

The other mouth has a tongue sticking out, which the kitten uses to lick its body.

Wei also told a reporter that the centre eye seems to be blind as it has no reaction with light.

When asked if Akamaru is different to other kittens, he said: ‘It is just like the other four siblings, sticks around with mother when it is scared.

‘But it walks slower than the others as her head is heavy and always bobs.’

Due to Akamura’s weak condition, Wei has kept her in isolation and bottle feeds her every three hours.

Zhao Yu, an expert from The Association of Small Animal and Protection (ASAP) in Beijing explained that the two-headed cat is a result of a genetic mutation.

Such animals generally have a shortened lifespan due to health problems related to their deformity. However, there are some that make it to old age.

Indeed, the famous two-faced cat ‘Frankenlouie’ died three years ago at the age of 15 setting a Guinness World Record as the oldest surviving Janus cat.


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