Muslim Woman Stuns CNN’s Don Lemon When She Strongly Defends Trump

This notion that COMMON SENSE security and safety doesn’t resonate with a majority of Americans is silly.

The media will have you believe that the only people supporting Donald Trump are angry white guys.

Our country is going down the wrong path and Trump’s solutions are not racist or mean-spirited – they are common sense.

However, the DC and liberal elites can’t seem to grasp that, so imagine Don Lemon’s shock when a Muslim woman strongly defended Donald Trump’s positions on Muslim immigration.

Saha Ahmed, the founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition, defended Donald Trump during a Tuesday night appearance on CNN.

Host Don Lemon asked Ahmed if Trump “[has] a point” when he calls for increased secondary screening for potential terror threats.

“Everyone on the FBI list needs to be vetted and watched carefully,” she responded. “But at the same time, Donald Trump wants to be a president for all Americans, including Muslims.”

“Trump is coming across really strong against terrorism, which is a good thing,” Ahmed added. “We all want a safe and secure America, and having a president who understands national security and has Muslims on his cabinet or in his administration will send the right message.”

“I think Trump understands,” national security, she told Lemon. “I think he understands the basis of terrorism and i think he has the right intentions, good intentions in his heart.”

Ahmed stated that “America doesn’t need to weaken, and “if somebody is perverting the religion of Islam, they need to be held accountable. Islam strongly condemns terrorism.”

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