Muslim Psychologist Demands Sharia Law In Australia

In the latest bit of insanity from the left-wing, a Muslim psychologist has claimed that people who oppose Sharia law are “bigots,” and that the nation of Australia ought to allow Muslims to make their own laws and get special treatment from the government. Really?

It should be easy to agree that when you move to a foreign nation, you are agreeing to follow their laws. But apparently to some, this is now a topic open for debate.

In a massive rant on Facebook, Muslim psychologist Hanan Dover declared that having only one rule of law for all Australians was “BS,” demanding “Islamic law for Muslims.”

She went on to proclaim, “’Religious groups can engage the laws and negotiate change in Australia whatever your religious schtick. But, only one of those religious laws creates political and media hysteria because it suits political fear-mongering and that’s pretty obvious – Islam.”

Perhaps that’s because under Sharia law, women are treated like less than human—and non-Muslims get a target on their backs. As sources report, Sharia law imposes death as a reasonable punishment for any number of offenses, women who do not wear hijabs can be raped by Muslim men at will and theft is punished by chopping off hands—just to name a few. These are not minute differences in culture; these are laws that violate human rights and simply cannot be upheld in a society where women are actually seen as human. Under Sharia law, non-Muslim women can be raped with no recourse—where is the logic in that? Under this archaic rule, a woman is worth less than a man and any society that purports to value women simply should not condone or allow for such laws.

In Dover’s rant, she referred to a recent court case where a Rabbi in Australia argued he was wrongfully dismissed from his synagogue. The Australian courts found that proper Jewish laws regarding how a Rabbi is dismissed had not been followed. This instance is a world away from making special exceptions for Sharia law (under which non-Muslims, women and homosexuals can be victimized).

While Australian law may ban the government from prohibiting “free exercise of any religion,” the fact remains that many aspects of Sharia law violate other laws. The bottom line here is simple: Sharia law should not be allowed—and certainly should not supersede a nation’s own laws. How hard is that to understand?