Muhammed Ali Was Drugged and Murdered

When most people think of Muhammed Ali, they think of a talented boxer. They hear the words “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” While this is true, and he sincerely was one of the biggest names in boxing, many have forgotten his other talent.


Muhammed Ali Silenced?

He was a very charismatic person. His voice was arguably stronger than his fists, and he used it well. He risked his career, his life, his legacy, and his family to make a stand and speak side by side with revolutionaries such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. He was said to be so charismatic that he had the power to change the minds of those who were in the KKK. He was an activist, but most do not remember that because he had been silenced long before his death.

In 1981, Ali visited the Mayo Clinic and was diagnosed with mild dementia pugilistica. This later turned into Parkinson’s disease as a result of his boxing career. For many Americans, this made sense. It seemed like a natural transition. They were gravely mistaken, however. There has been no known case of dementia turning into Parkinson’s due to boxing in the medical world.

Some claim that Ali was injected with MPTP at the clinic, causing the Parkinson’s. This was an inside job to silence this great activist.

Dr. Abraham Lieberman, Ali’s neurologist, has long dismissed that the boxers career could have caused the Parkinson’s to develop. Blows to the head do not cause Parkinson’s, and the doctor claimed that it is impossible to know just what caused the disease to develop.

Freddie Roach, who was also a boxer, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the 1990’s. He is still doing fine, and he is coaching other boxers now. He says that he has been able to manage his disease with medication and injections, and constantly training other fighters.

If Roach was capable of maintaining his disease, and not quickly slipping into a voiceless man after being diagnosed, why did Ali fall down this path? The only conclusion is that this was done on purpose. Malcolm X was assassinated and is demonized in the history books. MLK was assassinated, and it pushed forward the revolution. It is likely that instead of assassinating Ali, they silenced him, turning him into the boxing idol many know him as. They stripped him of his charismatic voice, and in doing so, they stripped him of his activism leadership.

May he rest in peace.


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