Movie Theaters That Will Let You Watch Their Films In Bed

It’s really cold outside, and you don’t fancy going out. You prefer staying home, snuggling in bed, watching a DVD whilst drinking a hot choco. But what about if you could snuggle in bed, have a waiter bring you drinks and pop corn, and watch a movie premiere on a super huge screen to the sound of Dolby? Well, it’s now possible thanks to bed cinema’s new trend. Although this trend hasn’t caught on in the U.S., you might have the chance to check one out when traveling.

Don’t forget to take a selfie to make your friends jealous!

1. IKEA Bedroom Cinema, Moscow, Russia

IKEA Russia brought a whole set of bedrooms to a Moscow cinema, including slippers, rags, table lamps and comfy duvets. This bed cinema experience will last only until the Holidays.



2. Buda Bed Cinema, Budapest, Hungary

The Buda Bed Cinema just opened in November 2014 and is the only fully bed cinema experience in central Europe (that I found out about on the net, correct me if I’m wrong). In these double-bed-sized sofas you can really enjoy a movie with the whole family.



3. Front Bed Row at the Electric Cinema, London

The historical Electric Cinema in Portobello, London, was recently refurbished. The movie theater includes wide armchairs with table lamps, two-seats sofas, a bar, and a row of beds that has transformed “front row seating” intro a truly comfortable experience.

Asian countries are in the lead of bed cinemas, with most movie theaters offering a luxurious class option to their patrons.



4. Velvet Class, Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta, Indonesia

The cinema chain Blitz Megaplex offers Velvet Class auditoriums in all their movie theaters in Indonesia. The comfy sofa beds also include a table for holding food and drinks.


5. Beanie “Bean Bag” Cinema, Malaysia

Are you a beanbag fan? You’ll feel at home in this Beanie cinemas in Malaysia, brought to you by the TGV cinemas chain. Plus you are guaranteed 6.5 feet (2 meters) of leg room!

6. First Class Bed Cinema, Bangkok, Thailand

The Thais have truly mastered the art of luxurious bed cinema. The Paragon Cineplex in Bangkok (Siam Paragon mall), offers a first class cinema experience with complementary drinks and free appetizers and popcorn, all brought to you by waiters (hopefully not during the screening).

If you live in New York, you’ll have to make do with recliner lounge chairs. So, come on Hollywood, bring us some cinema beds!