Mother of 7 In Jail Because Her Kids Skipped School Dies In Her Cell

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In Reading, Pennsylvania, a woman named Eileen DiNino was found dead in a jail cell after being sentenced to 48 hours in jail, for the truancy of her kids.

She also did not pay various fines for truancy and related ‘crimes’ for years.

It is currently unknown what her cause of death was, and it is unknown whether anyone will even receive an autopsy report.

Maybe she had a medical condition that the guards ignored and refuse to mention.

Either way, there are many things that can be observed about the nature of the punishment system in this tragic event.

Since 2000, over 1,600 people have been jailed for their children’s truancy in Berks County.

What some people don’t consider is that jail cells are most often places of pure sociopath and lack of regard for human life.

There have been countless instances in which a person dies in a jail cell or in prison due to lack of regard for human life, be it from guards refusing to take necessary medical precautions, or straight murder, as seen in the Darren Rainey case.

Some people call this system a broken one, yet that’s not completely accurate- it’s functional smoothly and well for the people in charge of the law and system. The system is making them money and oppressing people for their benefit; the goal of the system is not one that is beneficial for our society in the first place.

With every incident like this, the facts leave an imprint in the minds of the well intentioned beings who are forced to put up with this madness.

Please share this with as many people as possible, and the facts will leave an imprint of their own on the minds of the people who work day to day to unconsciously support this immoral system.