Mother Loses Her Child To Cancer, Asks Heaven For A Sign – She Not Only Saw One, But Also Recorded It On Her Phone

Marie Robinson, lost her 4-year-old son, Jack Robinson, to brain cancer.

The story of his struggle to survive and the pain of his family, had already made news when Jack lost his battle, however this time, the story that flooded the networks has to do with hope, faith, and a belief that life doesn’t end with death. Instead, this story supports the fact that, in reality, families can be eternal.

Marie, was going through a difficult emotional time on the third anniversary of her son’s death. The pain had not yet dissipated, and she decided to make a request to heaven.

She remembers she sat in her car before going into the cemetery and with all her faith said:

“Jack, please show Mummy a sign.”

Something that no one could have expected happened as soon as she sat at the foot of her son’s grave

“Can’t believe what just happened. I come to see my precious boy Jack, just sat down on ground next to him and this happened. Yes it brought me to tears. Taking it as a sign from jack” Marie said through a Facebook post.

No one would take it as something different; her son and heaven gave her the sign

She captured the incredible moment on video when her son and heaven sent her the clearest signal a mother going through pain could experience. The post of this mother was shared more than 113,000 times, 33,000 people commented and at least 220,000 reacted to this proof that families are eternal.

The miracle and the answer

Marie recounts the whole experience saying that out of nowhere a robin appeared fluttering around her. In seconds he had settled on one of her feet, without fear, and then flew to her hand.

Before the bird left, he climbed onto her shoulder and brushed her skin with his beak, as if her son was kissing her cheek in response to Marie’s request.

“He kept looking at me directly in my face and at one point he landed on my shoulder and nibbled me a couple of times,” Marie said.

The fact that a bird appeared is not the most surprising thing. The bird’s relationship with the family is what makes this story even more powerful.

Robins have appeared many times since Jack’s death, and in December of the year Jack died a friend posted a picture of a meme that said “A feather, a robin, a butterfly too, are all signs your angels are standing with you.”

In addition, the last name of this family is Robinson (which has a history of meaning ‘son of Robin’). At this point, we can say that this bird’s visit was not a coincidence.

What does it mean to see a robin, according to spiritual traditions?

As reported by Kyle Gray, seeing one of these little birds means “a loved one in heaven reminds you that you’re stronger than you realize!”

Whatever your beliefs, to me this story filled my eyes with tears. I have no doubt that Jack was trying, in the way he could, to comfort his mother and give her hope that he is listening. Although his body is not alive he is there and, most likely, they will one day be together forever.