Mother Furious After Teachers Force Her Daughter With Alopecia To Remove Wig In Class

Teachers at Broad Oak Community Primary School in England are facing criticism today after they reportedly forced a 5-year-old girl with alopecia to remove her wig in class.

According to The Daily Mail, the girl’s mother – Lianne Corbett – bought her daughter Apryl the wig after her peers began making fun of her many bald spots.

“She was so pleased when the had the wig on,” said Lianne. “She had the biggest smile on her face.”

That all changed when Apryl was told the wig “is not school uniform.” Lianne claims that even after she explained her daughter’s situation, teachers refused to let he wear it.

“They kept saying they have kids with cancer in the school and deal with situations like this all the time,”she told The Sun.

“They were trying to tell me that Apryl was more than happy to take it off. But when we came home she said she was really sad because she didn’t want people to see her hair.”

“I am angry at what has happened,” she fumed.

Lianne is now reportedly looking at removing her daughter from the school entirely.

School officials have reportedly declined to comment in detail but did say “the child was asked to remove the wig over health and safety concerns during her PE lesson.”

The region’s Health and Safety Executive department, however, challenges this claim.

“There are no health and safety regulations that would prevent a little girl from wearing a wig in school,” they said.

This entire situation has garnered quite a bit of attention – and sympathy – online.

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