Mother and Son Born Without Arms Share A Special Bond, Heart-Melting

As humans, even when we go through a slight discomfort like a finger fracture or paper cut, we cringe in discomfort and exasperate as it becomes a short-term barrier in our day to day functioning. We hate the feeling of being physically dependent on anyone else for anything.

Now imagine being born without limbs! How would your life be? Miserable? Dependent? Unbearable? Can you go by even a day, if either pair of your limbs were taken away? I guess your answer would be no, just like mine.

But nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. Meet this mother-son duo who are defying all the jurisprudence associated with handicaps. Well, it’d be a fallacy if I address them as handicaps. They’re just like any one of us.

As per the reports by ABC News, Linda and Timmy, this mother-son duo hails from Chicago and were both born with one thing peculiarly in common: they both had one missing pair of limbs; their arms.

Strong boy!

They were both born with a Holt-Oram syndrome. It’s a rare genetic disorder that causes abnormalities in the arms or even lack of arms in a few cases. Also, a few aberration in the human heart.

I was just another kid..

Linda grew up like any other kid. She never felt handicapped or less than others. She understood that how others used their hands for doing day to day chores, she had to get accustomed to using her lower limbs. And that didn’t bother her at all! Her parents brought her up just like her 3 other siblings.

Merry and Jovial.

Though Linda had gotten a pair of prosthetic hands made at a very young age of 5 or 6, she didn’t like using them. She felt more herself without them, and she did not see the need of using them, so, she didn’t. She got married in 2004 and got pregnant soon after.

Special bond.

Timmy had to go through an open heart surgery just when he was 8 days old and stay in the ICU for next 2 months. But like his mother Linda, Timmy flourished at life with a full swing. Linda said, “I think there’s much more of a special bond between me and Tim than your average mom and son” since they were both born very similar in respect with their physical appearances.

I’d like to be independent.

Linda has often showed him how to do many tasks with her feet but, Timmy likes figuring it all out for himself, by himself. She often ends up telling him, “You’re doing it the hard way”, but Timmy likes being independent.

Hey, champ!

Timmy has now become a pro at doing everything with his feet, from grooming to making art, dressing up and even playing video-games.

Inspiring others!

This duo first made headlines in 2010 when they appeared on ABC Chicago. Linda said she was ready to iterate their story over and over again if they could inspire other people.

She also said, “I think it really shows the power of the human spirit. A lot of people will see someone with such a severe physical condition and think, ‘How is it possible to do all the things they’ve done?’ It gives [people] hope that even though they have challenges, as long as they have a positive attitude about it, then they’ll be able to conquer the same challenges.”

“Mr President”

Timmy is 11 and relishes doing all sorts of physical activities, indoor and outdoor. He is an extrovert and loves socializing.

“Lately, he’s been referred to as Mr. President because he likes to be out with people, talking,”Linda stated. “He doesn’t really shy away from social situations, so that’s how he’s gotten that nickname.”

“He likes being outside, he definitely likes being very psychically active as much as he can be,” said his mother. “Swimming, [riding] the modified bicycle-when we got that for him he was very excited because that meant he could keep up with everyone else on the trails.”