Most Haunted Car Cemetery: ‘WWII Traffic’ Drowned In Belgian Moss For 70 Years

Reminiscent of a scene from a Hollywood horror movie, these spooky images were taken in one of the most mysterious car cemeteries in the world, located in a forest near the village of Chatillon, southern Belgium.

The rusty but charming vehicles are believed to have been stuck in the woods for up to 70 years.

The haunted atmosphere of Chatillon Car Graveyard, one of the largest such cemeteries on the planet, serves as a powerful magnet for tourists and photographers.

Time has erased details of how exactly the graveyard appeared, but many believe it to be a legacy of World War II.

It is believed that the motors were left behind by US soldiers stationed in Belgium during the war.

When the war was over and the troops had to return home, they allegedly decided to hide their automobiles in the forest, as they could not afford to ship them all the way to the US.

The soldiers were hoping to come back collect their cars someday; they parked them nicely, hidden among the trees.

Years passed, but none of the abandoned vehicles were ever retrieved by their owners.

On the contrary, the collection of cars only grew as other vehicles were dumped in the area.

It is said that some of the vehicles were also left by American soldiers who were on tours at later dates.

As much as this version sounds interesting and romantic, it may be completely wrong. In fact, Chatillon natives don’t believe it to be true.

Locals say that Chatillon Car Graveyard is nothing more than a scrapyard, and that cars rusting there were all made after the exodus of American troops.

At some point, they say, there were four such cemeteries around the village with up to 500 dead vehicles.

The vehicles form a spooky traffic jam in the woods, covered with moss and blending into the nearby scenery.

Time and people have made their mark on the cemetery; some cars have been ruined, while others have been stolen.

In 2010, the entire graveyard was reportedly removed due to environmental concerns.