Most Corrupt Town In U.S.A In Danger of Being Wiped Off The Map

The town of Hampton, Florida is in danger of being “wiped off the map” after a massive corruption investigation highlighted dozens of abuses of local and federal laws. It’s as if @Florida_Man ran an entire town.

The problem started when Hampton annexed a quarter-mile stretch of highway and set up a nasty speed trap. The police force wrote so many tickets that it went on a spending spree, ending up with one officer for every twenty-five people in the town, not to mention SUVs and AR15s.

That’s only the beginning. A chunk of the money—some estimate up to $1 million—is missing, while city employees were overpaid and managed to run up a $132,000 tab at the local convenience store. Their last mayor logged only few weeks in office before he was busted for selling oxycodone to an undercover officer. (He disputes the charge: “If I was some kind of drug dealer, I would at least have a car. I ride a bicycle around town. I had my lights cut off twice last year. If I am a dope dealer, why are my lights getting cut off?”)

It’s bad enough that Governor Rick Scott — this Rick Scott! — has suspended the mayor and the Florida legislature may dissolve the township. Which is too bad, as it has some creative borders: